Just because you’re moving towards abstraction or minimalism doesn’t mean you have to let those [warm] feelings go.
Zadie Smith in discussion with Chris Ware at NYPL Live at the New York Public Library main building on 11 Dec. 2012, on the feeling of fullness and warmth you get when taking in certain works of art. (via shariden)
But I’m preaching to the converted … Aren’t you always connecting to each other? Forever communicating, rarely scared of strangers, wildly open, ready to tell anyone everything? Doesn’t online anonymity tear at the very idea of a prestige individual? Aren’t young artists collapsing the border between themselves and their audience? Aren’t young coders determined on an all access world in which everybody is an equal participant? Are the young activists content just to raise the money and run? No. They want to be local, grassroots, involved. Those are all good instincts. I’m so excited to think of you pursuing them. Hold on to that desire for human connection. Don’t let anyone scare you out of it.
— Zadie Smith, New School commencement speech 
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The way I look isn’t about feeling sexy for me; I like to feel hilarious and quick-witted.”


Zadie Smith was the Commencement speaker at my graduation last week. She’s amazing, and such a great writer. 

"Oh, the love dramas. So many love dramas. Mine, other peoples. They take up such a large part of college life it seems unfair to not have them properly reflected in the transcripts. Any full account of my university years should really include the fact that I majored in English literature, with a minor in drunken discussions about the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone.”

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